Case Studies - Residential

  • Contractor

    IT contractor Kim, had been struggling to find a lender as she had recently set up her own company and did not have the minimum one year’s accounts that most lenders required.

    On reviewing Kim’s position we discovered she had a 12 month contract in place with her main client. We found a lender that was prepared to base the mortgage on a multiple of the day rate being paid on the contract. Even though she was self-employed the lender did not require either financial accounts or tax returns.

  • Business Profits

    Marco has owned a successful recruitment agency for several years. Although the business has made substantial profits, in recent years Marco has taken limited drawings from the company following the advice received from his tax specialist.

    When applying for a mortgage however Marc had found that most lenders would base their maximum borrowing on his salary and dividend figure. As this figure was minimal he was finding it almost impossible to obtain a mortgage.

    On reviewing the case we were able to source one of the few lenders that were willing to lend on the retained profit figure in the accounts rather than Marco’s actual drawings.

  • Future Earnings

    Jerry & Sharon were looking to buy their first home. Sharon was currently on maternity leave whilst Jerry, a chemical engineer had a job offer but was not due to start his new job for two months.

    With a young baby they were keen to buy their home as quickly as possible. We reviewed the situation and found a lender willing to lend immediately as long as Sharon could confirm that she intended to return to work within six months and Jerry could provide a reference from his new employer confirming his start date. The couple were now able to secure their own home.


Check out some of our client testimonials below

  • “A very professional service from a very professional team. I would like to thank Mark, Danny and Andy for your help, advice and reassurance. Fully recommended. ”
    Sunil Parkeh
  • “A remarkable company with exceptional customer service. Each and every member has genuine concern and deals with the client with utmost care and responsibility. Emails are responded to in a matter of minutes which are then followed up by a call to ensure the matter has been dealt with and to the satisfaction of the client. Mortgages and Insurers Solutions are working far and beyond any standard I have experienced to date. I am truly appreciative of this level of service and hope others will take note to adopt this standard. ”
    Farhad Munir
  • “Mark and the team and M&I are amazing, I have tried a number of partners to assist in building investment and insurance portfolio but they stand ahead of the competition. The communication is excellent, I recommend simply picking up the phone and talking to the team. ”
    Fraser Armstrong-Watters
  • “Your service has been invaluable to me. The excellent support team added another dimension with their services. What I really like is the detailed one to one personal service, as well as the good rates that you offer me.”
    Conrad Walker
  • “Buying our new home was made a stress free process thanks to Mark and his staff at Mortgages & Insurers Solutions. They are a credit to their profession, and we will be happily recommending them to friends and family.”
    Mark Bye & Sharlene Sherwood
  • “With Mortgages & Insurers Solutions we are on the road to another purchase without exhausting our finances. We received a great mortgage service from Mark and his team and I would definitely recommend Mark for his mortgage knowledge.”
    Kery Willer

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