Did You Know You Can Apply for a Mortgage Before Even Starting a New Job?

It is true that the property market has seen a boom in prices, fuelled by stamp duty rate cuts and massive demand. 

We are beginning to see the eventual fall out from the end of the furlough scheme and increasing redundancies, this is leading to a surge in the number of borrowers having started new jobs and or moved roles in the past six months.

The pandemic has created many uncertainties for the economy however we have been working hard behind the scenes, looking for lenders and mortgage products that do not require applicants to have been in role for a significant time. 

We now have access to lenders that will allow applications even before starting a new job, as long as employment starts within 3 months.

Get a Decision in Principle Without Impairing your Credit Rating
As competition for property continues, many estate agents are requiring prospective buyers to have a decision in principle in place before they’ll even allow viewings. We want to ensure our clients are ready to move on a property quickly. We have researched the market and found a number of lenders that are using a soft footprint method when searching your credit file which enables us to apply to multiple lenders in a short space of time without the risk of impairing credit ratings. 

Schedule a Call Back
If you are self-employed, or in a new job and would like to discuss mortgage options, please call our senior mortgage broker Danny O’Keeffe on 0208 364 3444 or use the request a call back tab below to arrange a time to discuss your options.

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