Reviewing your mortgage in 2020 could help you free up cash and reduce repayments


Let’s be frank, 2019 was not the strongest year for the property sector. Weighed down by the Brexit debate and the not so surprising snap elections, many buy to let investors and first time buyers adopted a “let’s wait and see” attitude and this naturally impacted the sector.

The economy shrank ahead of the elections and this caused some economists to call for fresh interest rate cuts, with others remaining adamant that interest rates can only go one way, up.

We’ve now entered a new decade, the instability created by the snap election is now behind us and the property market is beginning to show signs of improvement. We have found that current fixed rates are at a historical low, this makes it attractive for property owners to lock in a low mortgage payment for the next three, five or even ten years.

This is, therefore, the perfect time to review your current mortgage arrangements. Whether you have a portfolio of properties or just the one, we recommend you dedicate some time to speak to one of our award winning mortgage brokers who can review your current mortgage product and advice on alternative options that may be available to you.

There are a number of different reasons why you would want to review your current mortgage product, for example it is not unusual for property owners to learn that they can release large sums of money in positive equity or maintain their loan amount whilst reducing monthly mortgage payments.

And if your current mortgage deal is coming to an end, you should certainly speak to our mortgage brokers, we have access to a wide number of products that may result in your monthly repayments falling considerably.

What’s nore, reviewing your mortgage might enable you to free up some extra cash – If your property has a healthy amount of positive equity then you might be able to remortgage at a lower rate allowing you to gain access to a large amount of cash. Lenders are likely to offer you the extra cash for home improvements like a loft conversion or extension.

We invite you to call into our offices for a review of your current mortgage arrangements. We have made it easy for you to book a call with our team, just use the live chat function on our website or call us directly on 0208 364 3444.

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