How we can support professionals and self employed people borrow up to 6x their income

Being self-employed or running your own business comes with its unique set of rewards and challenges. One such challenge can be finding the right mortgage.

Traditional lenders often struggle to evaluate income outside the neat box of a regular salary, leaving successful professionals like solicitors, accountants, doctors, and countless others navigating a frustratingly limited landscape.

However one lender has recently launched a new approach when assessing income from certain recognised professions.

Borrow up to 6x your income
We can connect you with lenders offering mortgages up to six times your income, helping you purchase your dream home even if your income doesn’t fit a conventional mould. Whether you’re an accountant, surveyor, barrister, chiropodist, vet, doctor, or any other high-flying professional, we have the solution for you.

No more struggling to prove your financial stability. No more settling for cookie-cutter options that don’t cater to your unique income structure. Let us navigate the complexities of the mortgage market for you, so you can focus on what matters most – chasing your dreams and building your successful professional life.

A Recent Case Study
Charlie, a seasoned dentist with 25 years of solo practice, longs for a new home befitting his golden years. At 50, independence and comfort top his wish list, and a spacious house to call his own ticks all the boxes. But, Charlie’s income is multifaceted.

He juggles his thriving private practice with a fulfilling day a week at the local NHS hospital, bringing a unique blend of PAYE income and net profit from his Limited Company. To top it off, shrewd investments bring in UK Land & Property Income. These diverse streams, while financially promising, raise eyebrows at high-street lenders accustomed to simpler salary boxes.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, we can help.  

Speak to our award winning mortgage brokers
With access to a vast network of lenders across the UK, including specialists in financing for professionals, we can unlock doors that traditional banks might leave locked. Our award winning team is available on 0208 364 3444 alternatively click here to schedule a free consultation call.

Significant mortgage cuts announced by major lenders
Two major mortgage lenders have unveiled “very significant” mortgage rate cuts, in what one of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers has called a “turning point” for households who have faced years of soaring bills.

Barclays and Santander are the latest to slash rates, following HSBC and Halifax last week.

From Wednesday, Barclays has said it is cutting rates by up to 0.5 per cent and launching a two-year fixed mortgage at 4.17 per cent for anyone with a 60 per cent loan to value, down from 4.62 per cent, with a fee of £899.

Santander will also cut rates today bringing some mortgage deals down to less than 4 per cent. Many analysts see this as a positive turning point and good news for buyers and borrowers alike.

Family homes linger unsold for longest time in 14 years
Expensive family homes are lingering unsold for the longest time since 2009 as sellers are forced to reduce asking prices at a record rate.

Homes that cost between £500,000 and £1m are being advertised for nearly 11 weeks (75 days) before an offer is agreed, according to Hamptons estate agents.

The market for these properties has had the biggest slowdown in the past year, with 2023 marking its worst year since 2009. This part of the market tends to be dominated by upsizers, especially in the south of England, who have been hit hard by higher mortgage rates and have increasingly limited abilities to borrow extra funds.

Meanwhile, smaller and cheaper homes have fared better as first-time buyers have “traded down their expectations to purchase their first home”, Hamptons said.

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