Lowest Buy to Let Rates

The buoyant property market has already driven a new price war amongst lenders who are continually bringing out lower-rate residential products. This is now being seen in the buy to let arena with new data from Moneyfacts indicating the average buy to let mortgage rate for two and five-year fixes have fallen to their lowest level since January 2021.

The 65% loan to value (LTV) market has seen the most significant reductions in pricing over the last three months; average buy to let rates now sit at 2.68% and 3.17% for two and five-year fixes. Whether you’re looking to purchase or remortgage, rates are unlikely to go lower than they are now, so take advantage!

We can help you with your next purchase or identify where you can release equity for further investment.

Considering a remortgage? You can often secure a rate up to six months before your current fixed period ends. So, if you want to snap up a headline-making low mortgage, get in touch with our senior mortgage broker Danny O’Keeffe on 0208 364 3444 or use the request a call back tab below to arrange a time to discuss your options.

Is buy to let property a good investment?
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