Mortgage Competiton Heats up With Sub-Par 1% Rates

Just when it looked as though mortgage rates couldn’t possibly go any lower, they have. We’ve been monitoring the lender price cuts for a little while and we are now seeing a number of lenders coming out with sub-1% rates.

We know that Nationwide has today launched a 0.99% five-year mortgage, and cut rates on a range of other deals by up to 40 basis points.

This follows the pattern of lower mortgage rates seen from all lenders in recent weeks, with rate decreases taking place once or twice a week from most major lenders, and the ever-increasing number of mortgage products available (which are now at their highest level since the pandemic period)

This is a very good time for consumers to take advantage of low mortgage rates which have been coming down at all deposit levels recently.  If you have not reviewed your options, now is a great time to do so.

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