Mortgages Offer in 24 Hours!

Our award-winning mortgage brokers are constantly working with clients to find a solution to their problems. We recently supported a couple who were looking to buy a property owned by their employer which they had been living in for the last 16 years. 

The employer had agreed to gift them the equity that had accumulated in the property, they were therefore looking for a lender that would allow them to complete on the purchase using the gifted equity in place of a deposit. 

They came to the office one afternoon last week with all the supporting documentation and the case was actually offered within 24 hours!

We encourage you to contact our award-winning team, they’d be delighted to look into your case no matter how challenging the situation might be. Contact them on 0208 364 3444 or click the request a call back button below to book a time slot. 

Barclays Launches Exclusive Products for the Openwork Partnership

We’re delighted to announce that we have exclusive and competitive purchase & remortgage fixed rate products available to us through Barclays. These include a 3.11% 2 Year Fixed, £299 product fee, 90% LTV, Loans £5k – £500k. 

Paragon Launches New Buy to Let Products at 80% LTV

In a further sign of market recovery, Paragon has returned to higher LTV lending this week launching new buy to let products at 80%. This includes 5 year fixed rates at 3.99% and 4.19% available for purchases and remortgages and include no product fees, free mortgage valuations and £350 cashback. Get in touch with our team to learn more. 

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