Moving property from personal name to limited company ownership


We are often asked, what is the best way to move property from personal name to limited company ownership when locked into a fixed rate term deal. 

In this particular scenario, being locked into a fixed-term deal is likely to mean you’ll incur substantial early repayment charges. 

Our award-winning buy to let brokers are tasked with managing and resolving complex cases, and their experience in these matters are crucial to supporting you with your mortgage.

We’ve worked hard to build relationships with specialist lenders and we can now help you move property from personal name to limited company ownership with no change in your existing loan terms.

Given the current historic low in mortgage rates, we encourage you to schedule a call to explore options available to you. We can find solutions for a multitude of scenarios.

For example:

  • Source the same products for limited companies as individuals,
  • First-time landlords accepted
  • No restriction on property numbers
  • Corporate, Housing Association and Local Authority lets accepted
  • Lending on HMOs and multi-unit-blocks with up to 20 rooms/units
  • Lending for SPV limited companies, including subsidiaries
  • Day one limited companies

If you’d like to discuss how we can support you, call our senior broker, Danny O’Keeffe on 0208 364 3444 or click the schedule a call button below to book a time slot. 

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