Time to Consider Remortgaging?

As we approach mid-January, many of our clients are now dedicating time to reviewing their investments and planning for the year ahead.

We have all enjoyed exceptionally low mortgage rates throughout the last few years. However, with the Bank of England raising the base rate in December, it is likely they’ll continue to make similar decisions in 2022.

Rising base rates will mean your monthly payments will increase at some point, therefore now might be the best time to secure a long-term, low-interest rate.

Our award-winning team is available to discuss your current mortgage and look at ways in which we can help you secure the lowest rates possible or refinance your portfolio to secure extra borrowing before rates increase, giving you the cheapest funds available to purchase again.

It is unlikely you’ll get the opportunity to secure rates as low as they currently are for a long time to come.

Give yourself peace of mind that you’ve got the best deal available. Get in touch with us today on 0208 364 3444. Alternatively, click the schedule a call back button below to book a time slot that suits you.

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