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The team here at Mortgages & Insurers Solutions are experienced advisers and are able to advise you on mortgages and protection. We have offices in both Central and North London and are able to service clients both across the UK and abroad. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional service to you no matter where you are.

Why choose us?

We're Connected

We have access to a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market and through our detailed understanding of over 50 lenders’ propositions we are able to find you a suitable mortgage that meets your needs and circumstances

We're Experienced

We have 15 years experience in mortgages and 20 years in property investment means we are well placed to find suitable solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of clients goals allows us to find solutions where others often fail

We plan ahead for you

We take the time to understand our clients. We review where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow. We then tailor our recommendations to plan the outcome for you not only now but also in the future

What you say about us

``A remarkable company with exceptional customer service. Each and every member has genuine concern and deals with the client with utmost care and responsibility. Emails are responded to in a matter of minutes which are then followed up by a call to ensure the matter has been dealt with and to the satisfaction of the client. Clients are kept consistently informed. In this day and age it is hard to find a company which works so sincerely for the benefit of their client. Mortgages and Insurers Solutions are working far and beyond any standard I have experienced to date. I am truly appreciative of this level of service and hope others will take note to adopt this standard.``

Farhad Munir

``Mark and the team and M&I are amazing, I have tried a number of partners to assist in building investment and insurance portfolio but they stand ahead of the competition. The communication is excellent, I recommend simply picking up the phone and talking to the team.``

Fraser Armstrong-Watters

``We were introduced to Mark Edwards by a business associate of ours from Malta. Mark’s knowledge and network, make getting every case we present to him and his team, go through seamlessly. We also enjoy the proactive approach of Mark, so if any time critical information is needed, Mark’s guys are straight on the phone to us, nothing is left to just sit on the desk. We thought our past brokers were good, but Mark is in another league.``

Swati Mayger

Our Team

Mortgages and Insurers Solutions was founded by Mark Edwards who has over 20 years experience working in financial services, specialising in property investment. Mark has an extensive property portfolio and regularly speaks on buy-to-let matters
Mark Edwards


Danny O'Keefe

Senior Broker

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