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What is Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Buildings and Contents Insurance is the combination of two insurance types to provide an overall cover that protects the inside and the outside of your home in one. Combining these two insurance types into a joint policy saves you the hassle of having to find separate cover that doesn’t include everything you need. Buildings and Contents insurance will have you covered for all eventualities.

Buildings Insurance is all about protecting the permanent fixtures and fittings in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms from any damage such as water and fire damage.

Contents Insurance refers to protecting the things you keep in your home, including any type of furniture, electricals and personal belongings.

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Do I need Buildings and Contents Insurance?

Although technically, it is not compulsory, taking out Buildings and Contents insurance should still be a top priority if you own a home and usually a condition of your mortgage. If your home got broken into, or suffered damages from a burst water pipe, or was hit by a bad storm, would you have the financial protection in place to cover the cost of the damages and any personal belongings that may have been ruined?

Seemingly small issues can leave a trail of damage within your home that can lead to unexpected fees and costs. Buildings and Contents insurance provides you with financial protection that will cover these costs, whether they affect the inside or outside of your home and against even larger issues such as fire, storm, flood and theft.

What Buildings and Content Insurance is right for me?

Having one insurance provider to deal with, for both Buildings and Contents insurance means your claim will be processed as quickly as possible, reducing the possibility of delays and helping you and your family to get your life back on track as swiftly as possible.

To pick out the right Buildings and Contents insurance for you, it’s important to understand what policies are usually included.

Buildings Insurance Policies

The Buildings cover of this joint policy will cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home if it is damaged. Although policies vary from one insurer to another, generally speaking you are able to claim if your home is damaged by:

    • Vandalism
    • Subsidence
    • Falling trees
    • Fire, smoke, explosions
    • Car and lorry collisions
    • Water damage from leaking pipes
    • Oil leaking from your heating system
    • Natural events such as storms and floods.

If you are looking for more extensive cover, you can add policies that cover other structures around your home such as garages and driveways. This can provide a comprehensive insurance cover that will allow your home to be covered as much as possible.

Contents Insurance Policies

The Contents cover of this joint policy will cover the cost of anything not physically attached to the building, including furniture and personal belongings. This cover usually includes:

    • Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Jewellery
    • Electrical Goods

These items will be covered against theft, fire and flood. For more extensive cover, it is possible to also add on policies including ‘Accidental damage cover’ and ‘Personal possessions cover’. This will cover you for items that are usually taken out of the home, including:

    • Laptops
    • Phones
    • Jewellery
    • Cameras

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What can Mortgages and Insurers Solutions do for you?

Here at Mortgages and Insurers Solutions, we want to ensure that our customers find the insurance cover that fits their life perfectly. It can be hard to navigate through lists of policies that providers supply, and it can be easy to take out a policy that is not relatable to your situation, yet still be paying for them.

To avoid any confusion, we take the time to understand our customers wants and needs and provide the best insurance cover based off of this. With exclusive deals and policies that we manage with our Insurance partners, we work hard to establish tailored insurance cover that would otherwise be difficult to find.

We are always on call to take any questions or queries and we are always here to help with any issues.


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