Why is Critical Illness cover important?

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What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is an insurance policy you may not necessarily think to buy, until it’s sometimes too late. It is long term insurance cover that helps protect you if you become critically ill during the term of the policy. 

Paid out in a tax-free lump sum, it can be used however you would prefer, whether that is to help you to cover health-related costs, paying for alterations such as wheelchair access in your home or cover the loss of income while you focus on getting better. 

Critical illness insurance can cover many different types of serious illnesses, many of which at least one in two people will suffer from during their lifetime. If you do get a specific medical condition or injury that is listed within the insurer’s listed conditions, then the provider will pay out the insured amount.

Critical illness and life insurance policies are often combined together, in order to ensure that you are able to take care of yourself and your family in the event of a death or serious illness.

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Do I need Critical Illness Insurance cover?

When it comes to health, you can’t always know what is going to happen, however you can make sure you are financially prepared if anything does. Being struck with an illness can mean that your finances are immediately affected, particularly if you are no longer able to work. 

Expenses that you would need to cover if you were critically ill and couldn’t work, such as rent, mortgages or general bills, can be covered by critical illness insurance, helping to take away any financial worries while you are recovering or having treatment.

Government benefits might not be sufficient to replace your income if you do fall ill and cannot work because of long-term sickness or injuries. If you are eligible, Employment and Support Allowance ranges from around £70 to just over £100 a week, depending on your circumstances and the seriousness of your illness or disability.

Therefore, you should look to get critical illness cover if you do not have the savings to tide you over, if you do by chance become seriously ill or disabled.

What Critical Illness Insurance cover is right for me?

We will always advise you to take out the most comprehensive cover available, but depending on what illnesses you would prefer covered and how much you are able to afford in your monthly premiums each policy is different. 

Examples of critical illnesses that you might want to cover include:

    • Stroke
    • Heart attack
    • Certain types and stages of cancer
    • Conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Working closely with Aviva, The Exeter and Zurich and other providers gives us the opportunity to find tailored critical illness cover that works for you perfectly. If you find you are more at risk of falling sick with a certain illness due to heritage etc. this is something that can be considered whilst discussing the best critical illness policy for you.

We work closely with a range of Insurers to ensure we find the right cover for you

What can Mortgages and Insurers Solutions do for you?

Here at Mortgages and Insurers, we want to insure that our customers find the insurance policy that fits their life perfectly. It can be hard to navigate through lists of policies that providers supply, and it can be easy to misunderstand what different types of insurances cover or take out a policy that is not relatable to your situation, yet still be paying for them.

To avoid any confusion, we take the time to understand our customers and what their wants and needs are. Once we have a firm grasp of what you are looking to cover, only then will we recommend the best insurance policy for you by working with our Insurance partners to tailor the policy to match your circumstances.

With exclusive deals on additional benefits that our Insurance partners offer, we work hard to establish tailored insurance cover that would otherwise be difficult to find, meaning that you could then miss out on the best insurance policy that meets your needs.

Contact us for specialist advice regarding any aspect of critical illness insurance, we are always here to give you the information that you need. Critical illness insurance can save you and your family a lot of financial stress during what is likely to be a very difficult time, please get in contact via our details below.


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