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What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance refers to several types of cover that is designed to protect your business regardless of the issue that may come your way. 

If there is ever a situation when a compensation claim is made against your business, or legal action is taken due to an incident such as property damage or giving damaging advice, then certain policies within Business Insurance cover can protect you against any financial risks that run with these issues. 

Business insurance policies can combine the usual covers including public liability insurance, office insurance and employers liability insurance and can also include more specialist products such as cyber risk protection which is essential if you are a digitally focused business. 

Whatever industry your business is in, cover can be tailored to ensure that your insurance includes policies that are relevant to you.

Our qualified insurance brokers

Our specialist Insurance brokers are here to help. Feel free to give them a ring to discuss your Business Insurance policy options.

Do I need Business Insurance?

Business Insurance is important when safeguarding your company against day-to-day risks. There are vulnerabilities every day that are often unforeseen accidents and unique to each business, which is why each Business Insurance cover is varied and covers separate policies. 

By law, certain types of business insurance are a legal necessity, such as employers’ liability insurance for paid or voluntary staff that you have working for you. There are also other businesses where it is compulsory to have professional indemnity insurance, such as financial advisors. 

Other types of business insurance policies are optional, however it is important to cover yourself as extensively as possible to always stay financially protected. Regardless of whether you are a small business within an office or a high street store, taking out business insurance will cover you from risks that include accidents on the shop floor to office kitchen fires.

What Business Insurance cover is right for me?

Each Business Insurance cover is different but they can include many different policies. It is important to look into your business and figure out what policies are relevant for you and how important they are.

Different covers can include:

    • Public liability insurance
    • Employers’ liability insurance
    • Product liability insurance
    • Professional indemnity insurance
    • Business interruption insurance
    • Business property coverage
    • Key-man insurance
    • Credit risk insurance
    • Cyber insurance

It is worth looking into individual Business Insurance cover and finding out what is included and what isn’t, so you can add in any omissions  that you think are relevant for your business.

We work closely with a range of Insurers to ensure we find the right cover for you, including:

What can Mortgages and Insurers Solutions do for you?

Here at Mortgages and Insurers Solutions, we want to ensure that our customers find the insurance cover that fits their life perfectly. It can be hard to navigate through lists of policies that providers supply, and it can be easy to take out a policy that is not relatable to your situation, yet still be paying for them.

To avoid any confusion, we take the time to understand our customers wants and needs and provide the best insurance cover based off of this.

With exclusive deals and policies that we manage with our Insurance partners, we work hard to establish tailored insurance cover that would otherwise be difficult to find.

For specialist advice regarding anything to do with business insurance, we are always here to give you the information that you need. As income protection insurance can save your business in several ways, please get in contact via our details below.


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