“Amid the Chaos” The Sunday Times Exclusive on Mortgages & Insurers Solutions

In the news: “The Sunday Times” exposé on how we are helping you during this period of uncertainty…

We’re thrilled to share that Mortgages & Insurers Solutions has been featured in a special piece by The Sunday Times. Journalist Lucy Alderson spent an entire day with our team, offering a unique perspective on how we work tirelessly to secure the best mortgage deals for our valued clients.

The outcome was an insightful article aptly titled “Your fate in their hands — day in the life of a mortgage broker,” which showcases the extraordinary efforts the firm puts in to navigate the current market chaos. The article was also published on thetimes.co.uk.

The current market conditions have presented a challenging landscape. With over 1.4 million people coming to the end of their cheap mortgage deals this year, and a significant increase in mortgage rates compared to five years ago, many are facing daunting bill increases.

During her visit, Alderson observed our senior mortgage broker, Danny O’Keeffe, who could be seen crunching numbers and working late into the night.

“We are working late. You have to. You can’t just say to clients that you didn’t secure them the rate because you didn’t want to stay late. You have to do whatever it takes,” O’Keeffe said.

In recent times the market has entered a phase of volatility with many lenders products and increasing rates.

Seven lenders have pulled deals within the past few hours. The three brokers are trying to get hold of customers by phone, email and text so that they can get applications through before more disappear. Borrowers are panicking.

“We’re staying in the office until 10pm or midnight sometimes because we have to get the applications in,” Edwards said. “You can’t say to your clients that they didn’t get that lower rate because you popped to the cinema. You have to cancel your evening plans — it’s someone’s life that we’re changing here.”

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