Four Major Lenders Announce Mortgage Rate Hikes

In the latest developments within the mortgage market, major lenders, including Halifax, Santander, Co-op, and NatWest, have announced increases to their mortgage product rates. This trend is not confined to mainstream residential mortgages alone but is also impacting more specialised sectors, such as buy-to-let and HMO mortgage products.

Industry Opinion
The recent uptick in mortgage rates is being attributed to higher swap rates. Experts suggest that these increases are a direct response to the current financial climate, signalling a period of adjustment for both lenders and borrowers.

Despite recent upheavals, market forecasts regarding the base rate remain unchanged, with a cut anticipated in June from the current 16-year peak of 5.25% down to 5%. Though we stress that borrowers must remain cautious.

Current Mortgage Rate Landscape
As per Moneyfacts, the current average rate for a two-year fixed residential mortgage stands at 5.78%, with the five-year fixed rate slightly lower at 5.35%. However our sourcing systems are still accessing two-year fixed rates from 4.19% and five year fixed rates from 4.68%.

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